Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changing it Up!!

I am not a "stay put" kind of person.  I prefer change, even though I am a creature of habit and routine.  If I did the same exercise day in and out it would drive me insane, or more importantly, it wouldn't get done!  If you are expected to push forward and to do hard things you have to find what works for you.  After all, you know yourself better than anyone!  I have done almost everything the last 2 yrs that the fitness community offers for exercise.  I get pulled aside almost daily by 2-3 people that ask what I did to change my weight and if it's because I'm a fitness instructor.  To be honest, there was a time where I was teaching 4-6x a week, which meant that the fitness HAD to get done, and while I would say that there are some things that were more effective than others.... I wouldn't blame my loss on any one type of exercise.  

The body is an amazing machine.  It's a SMART machine.  When you do the same thing day in and day out your body will know what to expect, your body will begin to think... "OK, today we are going to eat xx amount of calories and to curl 5 lbs weights 10x- and do 20 sit ups- and 5 push ups- and walk 2 miles."  When you do the same thing your body will begin to prep itself for it, and loss may become more difficult.  This isn't saying that you won't lose weight, but it could take much longer and depending on the intensity of the exercise, it may not be as effective.  Each day try something different, OR, change the way you do that form of exercise.... For Example... have the weight vary each time you go to class, make the step higher in step class, change the position of your feet when you squat, do high reps light weight or heavy weight low reps, try pilates, if you usually do machines-- try the free weights and vice versa.  If you are a treadmill person, never stay put on one speed or change the incline.  Try these things every few minutes.  Your body won't know what to expect from day to day... It will be forced to burn more calories while trying to keep up!  

If you ever watch someone with a trainer, you'll notice that they don't do the same thing each time they meet... it changes up all the time.  The same concept works with your food.  Don't get stuck eating the exact same thing every single day.  Try to be creative.  This will help you to not get bored and go back to old habits. 

If you don't like it, chances are YOU WON'T STICK TO IT!  If you are someone who likes competition (even if it's competition with yourself) look for something that you need to work toward like a 5k, half marathon or triathlon.  Sign up and pay your fee to enter.  This will make you even more accountable.  Tell others what you are doing.  (They may tell you that you are CRAZY or that you won't do it!--And that's okay too!  Prove them wrong when you cross the finish line)

*This morning I found this little guy at the counter helping himself to a sandwich for breakfast.  Cutting a sandwich with a pizza cutter????.... I say Genius!!! BROVO  MR 3 YR OLD!!!