Sunday, September 4, 2011

Set Goals... And Prepare!

Everyone with a weight-loss story has a rock bottom.  Everyone has a an "Ah-Ha!" moment.  Everyone has that time when they make the conscious decision to take back their life, to dig deep, and to not let anything get in their way of their success.  For some it is subtle, for others it's an instant moment, and for even more... it's because you have yo-yo'ed back and forth so many times you finally realize enough is enough!!  One of my husband and my favorite movies is "The Shawshank Redemption".  It's Rated R, and the language is a bit intense, so I like to watch the edited version.  The message still comes in loud and clear.  There is a man(Andy) who is serving a life sentence for a crime he didn't commit, and one day he looks to his friend (Red) and says... "I guess it comes down to a simple choice really,.... GET BUSY LIVING, OR GET BUSY DYING."  It's a quote my husband and I use often.  It can be used as a motto for so many things in our lives.  But in this case it's even more profound.  When we are not taking care of ourselves, we are in fact doing what andy said, "get busy dying". 

I grew up being in shape and being active.  Even through my roller-coaster weight while having babies and nursing, I have almost always worked out in some form or fashion.  But sadly, I was merely spinning my wheels.  Sometimes I look at people in the gym, people I have seen there for years.  They are on the machines, and they are working hard... yet, there never seems to be much change in their appearance.  I was one of those people.  So i began to research and dig deep into books and blogs and medical journals and natural remedies and stories of those who have come so far in their fitness journey.  With much trial and error along the way, I found ways to make my story a successful one.

We MUST SET GOALS, and WE MUST BELIEVE in our goals we set.  I have found that the more of the sacrifice required and the harder we must work to reach our goal, the sweeter the reward is.  I'm a firm believer in balance and moderation.  However, I also believe in going the extra mile to obtain what we want to get us across the finish line. 


Once your goals are in set, place them somewhere you can see them throughout the day. You must PREPARE.  You must prepare MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY. 

MENTALLY-  Look at your calendar and set a date when you will begin Level 1, and the duration.  Look ahead to holidays or other events coming up.  Remind yourself that if the 4th of July comes and goes without you consuming a potato chip and ice cream... YOU WILL SURVIVE, AND BE A.O.K!!  Tell yourself over and over again, that YOU CAN DO IT! (because YOU CAN!) 

PHYSICALLY- Take a Before picture and pin it up.  Decide what is okay to eat and what is not.  Set a time you will exercise and decide how long you will need and where you will do it.  Go to the store and buy the foods that will set you up for success.  Try recipes that will work with your goals.  If you know there is something you do not have the control to say no to, keep it away until the strength comes. Find something to take it's place. 

An important step is to let other's know what your plans are and ask for their support.  There will be some who may tell you that you are crazy and that it won't work.  This is another part of the journey.  Just because others doubt doesn't mean you can't do it.  Look to those who truly care for you and who love you.  Find friends and/or family who you know will be a great cheerleader in your journey. 

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.  PREPARE FOR THE LONG RUN, LACE UP THOSE TENNIS SHOES, AND GET READY,.... SET,.... GO!!!!

*If you feel like you are not getting the points you need on a motorcycle arcade game.... try standing on it next time!