Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Before and After Pictures

Chances are, if you are seaching for ways to get in better shape you are unhappy with where you are and feel that there is need for improvement.  Taking a before picture is probably the last thing you want to do at this point.  But I highly reccomend it!! That funny cat on Alice in Wonderful said something profound to Alice as she was looking for directions-- IT'S HARD TO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN.  I was adament against before pictures for many many years.  I use to be embarassed for those who posted their before pictures for all to see, but I wasn't thinking with the right mindset.  Perhaps that's why my fitness journey never stuck before and it was more of a yo-yo effort for so long.  But two years ago i decided to take it all and never look back.  I pulled out an old baithing suit i wore in "smaller days" and I called my neighbor.  I didn't want my husband to take the picture, I was too worried!  But my neighbor was moving and I thought it would be perfect.  Even if she told the entire neighborhood in the new state she was in about my before pictures, it wouldn't get back to me, so I felt safe!  So IN ALL MY GLORY I stood up and posed in a small white baithing suit on a cold, rainy, wet day 2 yrs ago.  I was at my lowest mental/highest scale point.  I weighed in at the same lbs I did when I gave birth to my children. 

Here are my stats. (YIKES, I can't believe I'm posting this!)
Keep in mind I am very short... Less than 5ft to be exact.

Weight: 155lbs
Pants Size: 12/14
Dress: 10/11
Body Fat: 35%

I'm taking one for the team everyone!!  I'm putting it all out there in hope that it will help you to understand that I was over weight. 

My journey has been slow.  It has been a process where I have tried to take my time and make the changes that would stay for good.  This was me 9 months later.

Weight: 123lbs
Pant Size: 5/6
Dress: 4/5
Body Fat: 20%

Scale Still Going Down... This Was Taken 6 months after the black baithing suit.

Weight: 117 lbs.
Pants: 4
Dress: 4
Body Fat: 15%


PANTS: 0/2
DRESS: 0/2

The pictures are not edited nor done professionally (obviously, you can see all the shadows).  But I did that on purpose.  I'm not even sucking in or flexing.  It's just raw footage.... I did it, and YOU CAN TOO!!!  Stay focused, never give up on yourself, believe it can be achieved!!!  If you fall (because we all do)... BRUSH OFF YOUR KNEES AND BEGIN AGAIN!!

Taking a picture means accountability.  Taking a picture says I'M ONLY GETTING SMALLER FROM HERE ON OUT!  Taking a picture helps you see how far you have come!!