Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cardio vs. Resistance

Let's say it's been a busy day.  Everything is being thrown at you and you only have 30 minutes to get exercise in for that day.  Do you do Cardio Training or Resistance Training???? Hmmm....

A very common misconception is that it should be cardio.  While cardio is important, studies have shown time and time again that Resistance is what will help you fight to burn that fat.  The more muscle tissue you build through resistance training the more fat your body will burn.  While resistance training you are IN FACT building that muscle AND burning calories because of the energy you are exerting.  Your heart rate will rise during that exercise. 

RESISTANCE TRAINING: is when your body is working against an opposing force. 

There are many ways you can do this type of training.  You may use your own body weight (example: push-ups)  You may use tightening bands or free weights, or you can use machines at a gym.  All forms are very effective, and it doesn't take very much time in a day.  It can be as simple as incorporating it in while watching a 30 minute sitcom on TV each day. 

Once you have completed your resistance training for the day your body will continue to burn fat and your metabolism will stay at a higher level.  Do your homework and see for yourself.  Studies have shown resistance training is key to getting in better shape.

*Another Important Resistance is learning how to RESIST against sweet treats!!