Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changing it Up!!

I am not a "stay put" kind of person.  I prefer change, even though I am a creature of habit and routine.  If I did the same exercise day in and out it would drive me insane, or more importantly, it wouldn't get done!  If you are expected to push forward and to do hard things you have to find what works for you.  After all, you know yourself better than anyone!  I have done almost everything the last 2 yrs that the fitness community offers for exercise.  I get pulled aside almost daily by 2-3 people that ask what I did to change my weight and if it's because I'm a fitness instructor.  To be honest, there was a time where I was teaching 4-6x a week, which meant that the fitness HAD to get done, and while I would say that there are some things that were more effective than others.... I wouldn't blame my loss on any one type of exercise.  

The body is an amazing machine.  It's a SMART machine.  When you do the same thing day in and day out your body will know what to expect, your body will begin to think... "OK, today we are going to eat xx amount of calories and to curl 5 lbs weights 10x- and do 20 sit ups- and 5 push ups- and walk 2 miles."  When you do the same thing your body will begin to prep itself for it, and loss may become more difficult.  This isn't saying that you won't lose weight, but it could take much longer and depending on the intensity of the exercise, it may not be as effective.  Each day try something different, OR, change the way you do that form of exercise.... For Example... have the weight vary each time you go to class, make the step higher in step class, change the position of your feet when you squat, do high reps light weight or heavy weight low reps, try pilates, if you usually do machines-- try the free weights and vice versa.  If you are a treadmill person, never stay put on one speed or change the incline.  Try these things every few minutes.  Your body won't know what to expect from day to day... It will be forced to burn more calories while trying to keep up!  

If you ever watch someone with a trainer, you'll notice that they don't do the same thing each time they meet... it changes up all the time.  The same concept works with your food.  Don't get stuck eating the exact same thing every single day.  Try to be creative.  This will help you to not get bored and go back to old habits. 

If you don't like it, chances are YOU WON'T STICK TO IT!  If you are someone who likes competition (even if it's competition with yourself) look for something that you need to work toward like a 5k, half marathon or triathlon.  Sign up and pay your fee to enter.  This will make you even more accountable.  Tell others what you are doing.  (They may tell you that you are CRAZY or that you won't do it!--And that's okay too!  Prove them wrong when you cross the finish line)

*This morning I found this little guy at the counter helping himself to a sandwich for breakfast.  Cutting a sandwich with a pizza cutter????.... I say Genius!!! BROVO  MR 3 YR OLD!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cardio vs. Resistance

Let's say it's been a busy day.  Everything is being thrown at you and you only have 30 minutes to get exercise in for that day.  Do you do Cardio Training or Resistance Training???? Hmmm....

A very common misconception is that it should be cardio.  While cardio is important, studies have shown time and time again that Resistance is what will help you fight to burn that fat.  The more muscle tissue you build through resistance training the more fat your body will burn.  While resistance training you are IN FACT building that muscle AND burning calories because of the energy you are exerting.  Your heart rate will rise during that exercise. 

RESISTANCE TRAINING: is when your body is working against an opposing force. 

There are many ways you can do this type of training.  You may use your own body weight (example: push-ups)  You may use tightening bands or free weights, or you can use machines at a gym.  All forms are very effective, and it doesn't take very much time in a day.  It can be as simple as incorporating it in while watching a 30 minute sitcom on TV each day. 

Once you have completed your resistance training for the day your body will continue to burn fat and your metabolism will stay at a higher level.  Do your homework and see for yourself.  Studies have shown resistance training is key to getting in better shape.

*Another Important Resistance is learning how to RESIST against sweet treats!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slow and Steady, Steady and Slow

I was talking to one of my fitness buddies (Miss P) from the gym.  We were talking about the time it takes for REAL weight loss.  The kind of weight loss that sticks.

There's a particular book I read to my boys almost weekly that recounts the story of the tortoise and the hair.  The hair wants to race that slow slow turtle, but in the end, the turtle wins because of the stop and go the rabbit keeps doing.  The boys laugh each time I read that famous line out through the book. 

"Slow and Steady, Steady and Slow... That's the Way To Go!!"

In the end, we all know the turtle wins the race because of his consistent steady dedication.  We don't become overweight overnight.  We don't become overweight in 60 days.  We do it over time and through consistently making poor eating decisions and less active choices.

TIME IS THAT MAGIC PILL... 24HRS/7 DAYS A WEEK/52 WEEKS/ AND 12 MONTHS IN A YEAR.... After you have begun your journey you will suddenly realize one day that you have created new habits.  Without realizing it, you don't have to think about not munching on that unhealthy snack, because you will automatically reach for the apple instead!

*Get out your pirate sword and go to work.... Fight back against poor eating habits.  Tackle the problem head on....ARRRR MAITEY!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Before and After Pictures

Chances are, if you are seaching for ways to get in better shape you are unhappy with where you are and feel that there is need for improvement.  Taking a before picture is probably the last thing you want to do at this point.  But I highly reccomend it!! That funny cat on Alice in Wonderful said something profound to Alice as she was looking for directions-- IT'S HARD TO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN.  I was adament against before pictures for many many years.  I use to be embarassed for those who posted their before pictures for all to see, but I wasn't thinking with the right mindset.  Perhaps that's why my fitness journey never stuck before and it was more of a yo-yo effort for so long.  But two years ago i decided to take it all and never look back.  I pulled out an old baithing suit i wore in "smaller days" and I called my neighbor.  I didn't want my husband to take the picture, I was too worried!  But my neighbor was moving and I thought it would be perfect.  Even if she told the entire neighborhood in the new state she was in about my before pictures, it wouldn't get back to me, so I felt safe!  So IN ALL MY GLORY I stood up and posed in a small white baithing suit on a cold, rainy, wet day 2 yrs ago.  I was at my lowest mental/highest scale point.  I weighed in at the same lbs I did when I gave birth to my children. 

Here are my stats. (YIKES, I can't believe I'm posting this!)
Keep in mind I am very short... Less than 5ft to be exact.

Weight: 155lbs
Pants Size: 12/14
Dress: 10/11
Body Fat: 35%

I'm taking one for the team everyone!!  I'm putting it all out there in hope that it will help you to understand that I was over weight. 

My journey has been slow.  It has been a process where I have tried to take my time and make the changes that would stay for good.  This was me 9 months later.

Weight: 123lbs
Pant Size: 5/6
Dress: 4/5
Body Fat: 20%

Scale Still Going Down... This Was Taken 6 months after the black baithing suit.

Weight: 117 lbs.
Pants: 4
Dress: 4
Body Fat: 15%


PANTS: 0/2
DRESS: 0/2

The pictures are not edited nor done professionally (obviously, you can see all the shadows).  But I did that on purpose.  I'm not even sucking in or flexing.  It's just raw footage.... I did it, and YOU CAN TOO!!!  Stay focused, never give up on yourself, believe it can be achieved!!!  If you fall (because we all do)... BRUSH OFF YOUR KNEES AND BEGIN AGAIN!!

Taking a picture means accountability.  Taking a picture says I'M ONLY GETTING SMALLER FROM HERE ON OUT!  Taking a picture helps you see how far you have come!!



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Importance of Exercise (Part I - Physcial Benefits)

We are all busy.  As a mom I spend countless hours each day in the car going from point A to point B.  I help in my children's school, I help out in my community, I have a home to take care of, I have meals to prepare, and once my children get home in the afternoon we have homework- ball games- and dinner to think about.  The point is, is that we must make our time count in everything we do so we are not waisting it.  Exercise is the same way. 

Some will naturally find that they love to exercise, but for others it may not be your favorite thing to do.  Hopefully, through time, even if you do not like to exercise you will see the benefits both mentally and physically and begin to crave that release you get when you get up and move, and notice a difference when you haven't done it.  Perhaps the reason you don't like it, is because you haven't found what really fits you and your lifestyle or personality.  There are SO MANY forms of exercise.  There are SO MANY effective work-out regimes out there.  Turn on the TV at any given time and flip through the channels and watch the countless infomercials that show dramatic pictures of before and after shots of women and men who have tried a program and dropped the weight.  The first thing you must realize is that THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT AND TO GET IN SHAPE.  The SECOND thing to realize is that there is NO QUICK FIX.  The THIRD thing to realize is that any of these people that get the great results.... ARE EATING WELL TOO.  Exercise alone will not give you the results you are looking for. 

Why Should We Exercise???  When you exercise you build a stronger body, increase your metabolism, and burn calories.

1. BURN CALORIES- The foods we eat have calories that help fuel our bodies throughout the day.  Different types of food we eat assist our bodies in different ways, and they all have a caloric count.  When we get up and start moving thru exercise our goal is to burn MORE calories than our bodies CONSUME each day.  We try to do that so our bodies have to find STORED calories/energy, through our "excess" in our bodies.  When our bodies start looking for that "stored excess" and using it for energy it begins to disappear from the body as a result, you lose weight or that "stored excess".  This is when the weight loss begins.

2. BUILDING STRONGER BODY (HEART/LUNGS/MIND STRENGTH)- What is the main function of our heart??  To pump blood throughout our bodies.  That blood carries the various nutrients we consume through food, air, and water to the cells in our bodies.  What is the main function of our lungs??  To breath in the air(OXYGEN) around us that we use to live.  When we increase our movement more than what our bodies regularly do through the day(through exercise), our heart-rate increases.  If our heart rate is increasing what can we safely assume??  We can assume the blood is pumping through our bodies at a quicker pace as well.  When our heart starts pumping faster, our breathing increases as well.  Our lungs are requiring MORE OXYGEN.  That increased blood flow travels through our entire bodies including our head.  This blood flow to our brain helps in our thought process and clarity.  Without getting too scientific and losing readers altogether it is important to know that the more effective the blood flow is in our bodies the healthier we are.

3. INCREASED METABOLISM- Our metabolism breaks down what we consume and in-turn feeds it to our bodies in the form of energy.  There are some who genetically have HIGH metabolisms, some with naturally LOWER metabolisms, and most who have NORMAL metabolisms.  However, it is important to realize that there are some that would have normal metabolisms but have been unkind to their bodies and created a LOWER metabolism through their lack of movement and foods they eat.  For those with normal or lower metabolisms HAVE NO FEAR...BECAUSE YOU CAN SPEED UP YOUR METABOLIC RATE.  Do not use the excuse... BUT I HAVE A LOW METABOLISM.  All is not lost.  Through exercise your metabolism will naturally increase because your body will be begging you to feed it quicker to help it function through the day.  When you do so... you have increased your metabolism.

*When you exercise, you are a great example to members of your family.  Children want to be like their parents and cool aunts and uncles.  Create a healthy lifestyle of good eating and exercise so they will want to follow suit.

Friday, September 9, 2011

If at first you don't succeed... TRY, TRY, AGAIN!!!

I've had the opportunity to help others along this journey.  AND I LOVE IT!!! When I began to transform, the big question was... HOW DID YOU DO THAT????  I was a walking-talking infomercial.  The before and after was noticeable, and others wanted to know my secret and feel the success and happiness that seemed to come from the effects of the journey.  In the last month I have picked up a few more people who want to change their life and make THIS BODY TRANSFORMATION A REALITY.  My next door neighbor is shrinking before my eyes.  In the last 2 1/2 weeks he has dropped 11 lbs. by sticking to his guns, and making the conscious decisions of food before he puts it in his mouth and making the time to exercise.

"In the last few months, I found myself downing energy drinks around 3pm just so I could get through the rest of my day.  Now, I have so much more energy!" 

For him, it all started with the decision to run a 5k, we had a talk in our cul-de-sac, and the next day HE BEGAN HIS JOURNEY.

Another person I'm working with has lost 12 inches in less than a month by switcing to Level 1 eating and following the exercise plan I gave her for 30minutes a day. 

"I feel great and I can tell I'm getting STRONGER!"

We will all hit walls and breaking points.  Our lives are not lined with golden bricks and smooth sailing paths.  We have busy lives, most of us do not have personal chefs, and due to unforeseen circumstances we may find ourselves stuck.  WE PREPARE TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY, BUT LEARN TO ADAPT AND RE-ADJUST WHEN NECESSARY.  Let's say you decide to eat a french fry, the next thing you know, you have eaten the whole box.... NOW WHAT?!?!  If you have been so careful for "x" amount of days you may suddenly feel like you have just let down your best friend.  I have been there, I have done it...  But here, in fact, is where the true test begins.  This is when the time comes where you realize what has happened.  It's important you think about how it ended up that you got to that point.  Evaluate why you made that decision.  You REDEDICATE yourself and IMMEDIATELY pick up where you left off!  Don't wait for the next morning,  Don't wait for the weekend to be over and for Monday to come... AND DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT'S THE FIRST OF THE MONTH AGAIN!!  This is NOT monopoly:  DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200.  You can not beat yourself up when you have tried so hard....HOWEVER- it is crucial that you realize why that just happened and what you can do to make sure you can help avoid it happening again. 

When on Level 1 if you may find yourself stuck, where the options are slim to none.  This doesn't mean you have been given a free pass for good behavior.  You need to look at the options around you and pick those things that are the best of what you have.  DO NOT TRY AND GO HUNGRY.  Pick what will hold you over and control your portion size.  Make a mental note to try and avoid those situations that may sabotage all of your hard work.

This road is definatlely the one less traveled.... But the day will come with the hard work, when someone will turn around and say to you:


*Don't Let These Moments Drive You To Make Bad Food Decisions. 
Find JOY in the Journey!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Five Steps Forward, Two Steps Back...Then 5 MORE Steps Forward

Good Morning!  I was excited when my alarm buzzed this am. Fall is almost here and it's my favorite time of year.  I get up very early in the morning to give myself time to begin my day before the morning routine starts.  There was a time when I would roll out of bed 30 seconds prior to waking up the children for school, and i found myself feeling sluggish and not as happy and peppy when helping them get ready for the day, because i too was still trying to wake up.

If someone asked me two years ago how long it would take me to lose my weight and i said over a year, I probably would of never started.  My reaction probably would have been grabbing the closest bag of lays potato chips and onion dip.  I would have felt defeated before I ever started.  However, looking over the last year and a half I have truly appreciated that the journey was not a fast one.  The Saying, "Five Steps Forward, Two Steps Back"  describes my weight loss well.  I lost weight in 10 lb increments.  For those that have more or less to lose, that number may be different.  I took my goal 10lbs at a time.  It was all I could wrap my head around.  I would work very very hard in the gym each time I went to insure i wasn't waisting my precious time there, and that stayed constant.  I wanted to make sure I never got out of the routine.  But...eating was my battle and the kitchen my battlefield.

Some eat when they are happy, some eat when they are sad, I like to eat FOR BOTH EMOTIONS AND IN BIG PORTIONS!  Food is what brings so many friends and families together.  Growing up, my family would have Sunday Dinner around the table and sit and laugh for HOURS after a meal.  In my husband's family, his mother and all of his sisters love to cook--so the kitchen is where everyone gathers while each person adds her "spice" to the meal.  When you see an old friend and want to catch up...IT'S USUALLY DONE OVER A MEAL.  You don't say to them, "Hey, let's meet up for a brisk 5 mile walk so we can talk."  No!  I will venture to say it goes something like, "Hey, let's do lunch or dinner so we can talk."  What would a child's birthday party be without Pizza?  What would a football game time be without snacks?  What would baseball be without the hot dog and nachos?..... I hope you see where I am going. 

We are learning a new way to live and to adapt to our daily eating habits.  This is why it is so important to look ahead on your calendar and decide what it is that you are willing to do.  The time to decide to not eat those nachos or that double cheeseburger is not when it's placed in front of you when you are so hungry you could eat an elephant.  To have success, you must plan ahead!! 

This is why there are different eating levels (1 and 2).  You don't want to undo all your hard work by having an eating fest after 6 weeks of clean Level 1 eating.  However, your body and mind may need a break.  When you drop to Level 2 to regroup you will be able to maintain that hard work through exercise and  better eating choices still 80% of the time.  For some, you may still lose at that time.  Taking a free meal, or a free day in Level 2 and allowing more fruit consumption or pasta and bread (in a controlled amount)  may help you not get burned out, and it will make you more likely to make this a lifestyle change.  

The scale may do a little creep of 1-3 lbs at this time.  It is important that you don't allow that number to go any higher than that.  After you regroup and rededicate yourself to the battle, it will be time to leave Level 2 and go back to Level 1 and take it a few steps further towards your goal.  It's more important to pay closer attention to the scale while on Level 2 then on Level 1.  Make the goal that once you get below a certain increment, you will never see the scale tip that high again.  For example... If your weight has just dropped below 150 or is teetering at 149ish... that would not be a good time to come off Level 1 and go to Level 2.  Wait until you have reached 147.  Once you have dropped out of the 150's or 160's ... or even 250's-300's... make the goal to not get back to that set of numbers.  YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS!!  The scale will fluctuate, and it's important to realize that.  But if you think about it in regards to FIVE STEPS FORWARD, TWO STEPS BACK you will not be as hard on yourself.

Find the positives in the journey.  DO NOT LET YOURSELF GET DISCOURAGED!  By taking the time to lose the weight and staying focused on creating new habits, you are making those lbs stay off forever.  The idea of the quick fix will set you up every time.  You didn't gain the excess over night, nor will you lose it that quickly and keep it off.  You must realize SELF DISCIPLINE MUST BE ACHIEVED, IT WILL NOT BE EASY, BUT THE REWARDS WILL PAY OFF 10x MORE THAN THE WORK YOU HAVE PUT FORTH.  Your self confidence will grow, you will be a more pleasant individual to be around, your goals will be set higher and THE WORLD WILL BE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!


*You know you are a mother of boys when you notice your 4 yr old is outside doing circus tricks on his bike and you yell for him to "HOLD THAT POSE SO I CAN GET MY CAMERA!!"

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Set Goals... And Prepare!

Everyone with a weight-loss story has a rock bottom.  Everyone has a an "Ah-Ha!" moment.  Everyone has that time when they make the conscious decision to take back their life, to dig deep, and to not let anything get in their way of their success.  For some it is subtle, for others it's an instant moment, and for even more... it's because you have yo-yo'ed back and forth so many times you finally realize enough is enough!!  One of my husband and my favorite movies is "The Shawshank Redemption".  It's Rated R, and the language is a bit intense, so I like to watch the edited version.  The message still comes in loud and clear.  There is a man(Andy) who is serving a life sentence for a crime he didn't commit, and one day he looks to his friend (Red) and says... "I guess it comes down to a simple choice really,.... GET BUSY LIVING, OR GET BUSY DYING."  It's a quote my husband and I use often.  It can be used as a motto for so many things in our lives.  But in this case it's even more profound.  When we are not taking care of ourselves, we are in fact doing what andy said, "get busy dying". 

I grew up being in shape and being active.  Even through my roller-coaster weight while having babies and nursing, I have almost always worked out in some form or fashion.  But sadly, I was merely spinning my wheels.  Sometimes I look at people in the gym, people I have seen there for years.  They are on the machines, and they are working hard... yet, there never seems to be much change in their appearance.  I was one of those people.  So i began to research and dig deep into books and blogs and medical journals and natural remedies and stories of those who have come so far in their fitness journey.  With much trial and error along the way, I found ways to make my story a successful one.

We MUST SET GOALS, and WE MUST BELIEVE in our goals we set.  I have found that the more of the sacrifice required and the harder we must work to reach our goal, the sweeter the reward is.  I'm a firm believer in balance and moderation.  However, I also believe in going the extra mile to obtain what we want to get us across the finish line. 


Once your goals are in set, place them somewhere you can see them throughout the day. You must PREPARE.  You must prepare MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY. 

MENTALLY-  Look at your calendar and set a date when you will begin Level 1, and the duration.  Look ahead to holidays or other events coming up.  Remind yourself that if the 4th of July comes and goes without you consuming a potato chip and ice cream... YOU WILL SURVIVE, AND BE A.O.K!!  Tell yourself over and over again, that YOU CAN DO IT! (because YOU CAN!) 

PHYSICALLY- Take a Before picture and pin it up.  Decide what is okay to eat and what is not.  Set a time you will exercise and decide how long you will need and where you will do it.  Go to the store and buy the foods that will set you up for success.  Try recipes that will work with your goals.  If you know there is something you do not have the control to say no to, keep it away until the strength comes. Find something to take it's place. 

An important step is to let other's know what your plans are and ask for their support.  There will be some who may tell you that you are crazy and that it won't work.  This is another part of the journey.  Just because others doubt doesn't mean you can't do it.  Look to those who truly care for you and who love you.  Find friends and/or family who you know will be a great cheerleader in your journey. 

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.  PREPARE FOR THE LONG RUN, LACE UP THOSE TENNIS SHOES, AND GET READY,.... SET,.... GO!!!!

*If you feel like you are not getting the points you need on a motorcycle arcade game.... try standing on it next time!

It Starts In The Kitchen (Level 1-Level 2)

It really does!!  Consider this:  80% of losing weight and getting fit depends on what you put in your mouth each and every day.  You can't spend endless time in the gym sweating and working to the max and then go home and put whatever you want into your mouth.  IT JUST DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT!  The first thing you need to do is identify what results you are looking for.  I have tried this formula for myself so many times....BECAUSE I LOVE TO EAT!  But alas folks, if you want serious results, you must gain control of the kitchen first and foremost.

Ideally, I'd like to tell you that you need to get into your kitchen and throw out anything that will sabotage your goal.  However, being a mother means I have a family that I live with.  I have a family I cook for.  I have lunches to pack, and snacks to make all day for my 3 children and husband.  Cleaning out my pantry of anything not on my list of conducive foods is just not feasible for me, nor is it for many of us.  So instead, try to figure out what some things are that are ultimately MORE tempting than others to you, and  get rid of those items in your home in the beginning and replace them with things you are less likely to feel the need to consume. 

There are 2 stages when it comes to meal consumption levels.  Level One and Level Two.  Level 1- I use when I am working towards a goal.  For example: Weight Loss, Toning or Body Sculpting, or Training for an athletic goal/event like a 5k or marathon/triathalon.  Level 2- I use when I want to stay put and/or maintain. 

Level One
Level One is used for different periods of time.  I tend to go to Level 1 for a minimum of 4 weeks and maximum of 12 weeks at a time.  I feel like 4 weeks is the minimum because it gives your body enough time to adjust and realize, or think, that this is the new way you will be eating so it's forced to go to the stored fat in our bodies to burn the necessary calories we need in any given day.  Level 1 is much more strict.  It does not give you exceptions to the fact that you are at chuck E cheese for a birthday party or that it's labor day weekend and you are at a Bar B Q with your friends grilling out.  However, you can make it work regardless of where you are and what "special event" is going on that day.

 Level 1 Rules: 
1.  No Bread, No Pasta, No White Potatoes, No Rice, And No Dessert--NO EXCEPTIONS
2.  Fruit is eaten in smaller portions (1-2 servings approx. not exceeding the size of your fist) and not after 12/noon.
3.  Making a Journal of what you consume on a daily basis.  This one is very important in the beginning.
Once you have done this for a while you will make more of a mental note and running tally of what you have consumed over the day. 
4.  Stay under 75 grams of carbs a day (Pay attention to labels)
5.  Eating every 2-3 1/2 hrs
6.  Begin each morning with a bowl of Oatmeal.

Level Two (a,b,c)
Level Two is used after you have been working really hard and mentally need a break from Level 1.  Level 2 requires almost more control than Level 1.  The reason is because "free meal(s)" are allowed and you must be able to be focused and disciplined enough to go back to careful eating habits once your "free meal(s)" are up.  The Rules for Level 2 can vary.  Level 2 means that you follow Level 1 80-90% of the week, but allow for 1 free meal(a), 1 free day(b), or 1 free weekend or 2 consecutive days(c).  1 free meal(a)- is recommended for those who have just begun their journey to becoming more fit and are still under 50% of their final goal.  1 free day(b)- is recommended for those who have reached 50-75% of their weight-loss/fitness goal.  A free weekend (2 consecutive days(c))- is only recommended for those who are within 25% of the finish line and their final goal.  Staying on Level 2(c) is only recommend for 4-6 weeks maximum, and then either going back to Level 1 or Level 2 (a).  Once you have reached 100% of your goal you can stay on Level 2(c) longer.  If you suddenly begin to feel your pants getting tight, or see the scale budge upwards, it's time to do a quick Level 1 Adjustment to put yourself back in check. 

Level Two Rules
1.  2 Extra fruit servings may be added (With Portion Size Same As Level 1- No more than Size of Fist) each day
2.  80-90% of your week should be Level 1 allowing 1 serving a day of your choice (brown rice, 100% whole wheat pasta, 1 serving 100% Whole Wheat Bread, or 100% Whole Wheat Crackers)  It is very important that you chose only 1 and maintain 1 serving size, avoiding any of these after dinnertime.

Level Two- Free Meal Rules
1.  A Dessert May Be Added To Free Meal
2.  Portion Size Of Free Meal Should Not be taken to gargantuan proportional size.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome! My Story

The Fit Mommy Blog has been created for the daily requests I receive from people who want to get back into shape.  You don't have to be a mommy, but often I hear the comment, "Well, i had children, so I will never be able to get back to great shape."  This isn't true!!  With hard word and dedication and changing THAT attitude the world is at your fingertips. 

I grew up very active.  I grew up not paying attention to what i ate.  I was a young bride and a year later become a young mom.  I suddenly went from my active lifestyle to hardly moving at all.  I used the excuses "I can't exercise, I'm pregnant!" and "I'm eating for two."  I quickly began to gain weight.  My 4'10 frame quickly begin to expand.  I had this idea that once I had my first child that all the extra pounds would quickly AND magically disappear.  Needless to say, it did not do either.  I suddenly realized there was a problem.  I realized the problem was with ME and the way I was thinking.  I suddenly was making myself the victim, it was everybody and everything else that was causing the extra pounds.  I have always been a very happy person, however the increase in pant sizes was not giving my morale a boost, and I became very unpleasant to be around.  I finally hit breaking point... in the course of one month I had 4 people (two of which who were strangers) ask me if I was pregnant or when my baby was due....(my child was 2yrs at the time and I was NOT expecting).  I was broken, I had to take my life back for MYSELF and MY FAMILY. 



I'd like share my journey and what has worked for me with personal experiences and stories along the way.


Before and Startng Stats                                                                  Stats Today
155 lbs                                                                                            105 lbs
12/14 Dress/Pant Size                                                                      0/2(women) or 12/14(girls) Dress/Pant
35% Body Fat                                                                                 12% Body Fat