Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Drinking Water, Water, and more WATER

Drinking water is one of the main keys to your success, and most people do not drink nearly enough.  It has multiple purposes, and perhaps the more you understand it's vital role the more you will push the fluid.  The water we consume helps keep our liver and kidneys clean.  The cleaner we keep these organs the better they function for you.  Our liver helps convert the fat in our bodies into energy.  Our kidneys help to remove wastes from our blood and act as a filter to our urinary tract.  Our kidneys also help keep our blood pressure regulated.  WOW!!!  Talk about IMPORTANT!!!  (study out and reserch these amazing organs, they do so much!)

So how much water should we be drinking??  If you open books they will say 8/ 8oz glasses a day, but I am going to push the envelope a little bit further.  THAT IS THE MINIMUM ONE SHOULD DRINK IN A DAY!  A GALLON is key to long lasting health and weight loss.  I have heard it all:

1. But water is boring.
2. It doesn't taste very good.
3. It makes me go to the bathroom too much.

There isn't another way around it-- we must have water, and even though you may be functioning right now on little water, it will take it's toll on you down the road. 

We must take care of our bodies now so we may have quality of life later!!

Don't worry folks, I'm not going to leave you without help.  Now that I've made such a big deal about water, it would probably help if I gave some tips and pointers about how to go about drinking THAT MUCH in a day. 

I like to do it in the form of water bottles.  33-36 oz water bottles, to be exact.  It would look pretty funny if u rolled into the grocery store carrying your gallon jug of water for the day and sat it in that front part for babies!!  So, unless you spend most of your time at a gym (where it is pretty common to see folks with a jug) break it up into smaller increments.  You can use any kind of water bottle.  Sometimes I just refill a big bottle (33-36 oz) I picked up at the convenience store.  Sometimes I use cute decorated water bottles... it really doesn't matter.  I try to have 4 of them filled and put in the fridge the night before for convenience.  If it's hot outside you can freeze one or two and let them thaw and drink them later in the day.  (note: don't freeze all of them)

It's important if you are trying to push more fluids that you begin drinking water immediately when you first wake up.  Most people are not thirsty when they wake up... DRINK ANYWAYS!!!  Have a bottle sitting by your bed if you need to and start ASAP!  Don't just sip, or it's going to be a long day of drinking water.  Really really get that water in your body.  We want to set up for success! Try to have 1 1/2 of those big bottles finished before you leave the house in the morning.  You will find that the more you drink first thing, the more thirsty you are.  On days I don't get to my water right away in the morning, the less thirsty I am through the day.

Another idea is to reward yourself.  If you really like to drink other things, then tell yourself you can have a glass of that AFTER you have consumed your gallon of water for the day. 

You may find that you are visiting the restroom more frequently than normal.  This is not a bad thing!  You are cleansing your organs.  You are helping the waste/fat out of your body.  You are promoting a better life down the road. 


*You think drinking 1 gallon of water a day is crazy???  Nah, take it from me... I let my children put underwear on their heads and run around pretending to be WWE entertainment-- So I MUST know what I am talking about!!!! =)

Have a great day everyone!!