Monday, November 7, 2011

So You Don't Think You Are Flexible??

First of all, I would like say, that I know I have been MIA recently.  My family is in the process of moving and it is testing my time management skills.  I have found there are some things I can not control and others that I can.  Some things need to take the back seat while others need to have a little extra TLC.  Those "extra things" have been my boys.  Moving is so hard on little ones, especially ones that like consistency and are creatures of habit, like mine are.  So between trips to the school to have lunch, 2 birthdays, trick or treating, class parties, extra stories at bedtime, and lots of love.... I have had to take a break from my blogging.  I promise I will be back soon, and just in time for TURKEY DAY and CHRISTMAS PARTIES!!  I have LOTS to talk about and words of encouragement for those who think THEY JUST CAN'T DO IT!....

Now...about stretching.  I am not a naturally flexible person.  Yes, I did gymnastics for many years, and YES that doesn't seem to fit the guidelines for one that is suppose to bend on command, but in the last year I have taken on the flexibility challenge.  I started stretching for 10-15 minutes every single day.  Really Really trying to push past the uncomfortable pull from the back of my legs.  I am happy to report it has increased SO MUCH.  I can tell a difference in my Posture, in my exercise ability, and in my performance. 

Stretching helps blood flow and circulation.  Stretching helps decrease the chance of injury.  Stretching helps you FEEL better. 

So HOW is it done???  The best time to get a deep stretch is after a great work out.  Your muscles are very warm and much easier to really get that deeper pull.  As your heart begins to slow down and you are cooling down begin with your arms and shoulders because you can do that while you are walking to cool down.  Before you sit down take the time to stretch your calf muscles by standing against a curb or wall and pressing your foot into the wall.  Follow up with floor stretches.  Allow yourself to take deep breaths and hold each stretch for a minimum of 10-20 seconds a few times each.

Stretch often... Do it while you watch TV or a Movie.  You will FEEL GREAT, and maybe a little sore when you start, but that's okay, and ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN!!!

Once I get situated in my new home I will start doing pictures of these things and make videos of exercises and my stretching routines.  That will be my new year's resolution.... TAKING THE FITMOMMY BLOG TO THE NEXT LEVEL FOR YOU!!! :)